No. 23 EQUALITY Candle

No. 23 EQUALITY Candle

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When asked to create a custom order for summer interns at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, it was a welcome focus during this time. The name:  EQUALITY took on a deeper meaning as Brooklyn continues to be a center of driving change. Why the number 23? The Equal Rights Amendment was first introduced in 1923. 

Top: Eucalyptus, Amaretto, Saffron
Middle: Bergamot, Cypress, Sandalwood
Bottom: Dark Musk, Rum, Smoke and Amber

In equality champion Ruth Bader Ginsberg's honor, $10 from each 9 oz will be donated to Amy McGrath's bid to be appointed as her replacement as Supreme Court Justice and defend the equal rights of Americans. R.I.P. RBG we will not go silently into that good night.

This rich blend is here to usher in new season of hope. When I posted about this special project you wonderful clients messaged me wanting to know what does EQUALITY smell like? It's refreshing, layered, and a little bit of fire in it and I decided this was how I could help beyond attending protests and supporting friends. There are layers to this blend - different and some you may not think go together that are truly a harmonious mix. 

As a small business in it's first year in uncertain times, it can be challenging to know whom to donate to and giving back to the community is imperative. Thank you for making that possible with this candle.