Black Votive End of Vessel Special
Black Votive End of Vessel Special
Black Votive End of Vessel Special
Black Votive End of Vessel Special
Black Votive End of Vessel Special
Black Votive End of Vessel Special
Black Votive End of Vessel Special
Black Votive End of Vessel Special
Black Votive End of Vessel Special
Black Votive End of Vessel Special
Black Votive End of Vessel Special
Black Votive End of Vessel Special

Black Votive End of Vessel Special

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Darlings, when I started this business I had a clear aesthetic and vision for Whiskey & Woof. This business was intentional, one I worked on developing for a year prior to the pandemic. As many are aware, there are supply chain issues which have lead to pivoting and bringing in temporary replacements, which still fit the aesthetic and more expensive for me, which  I have not passed along in fees to you. 

Many candle businesses popped up since the first lockdown, creating more demand for less supplies. Various vendors expected to have the votive glass available again in January, no longer have an ETA. I am fully moving over to the clear shot glasses for votives which have room for more wax, which was not passed an increase along to clients. You deserve more than dupes. 

And now, it's time to bid farewell with a sale of the remaining black glass votives with a price reduction from $18 to $15. 

Selected scents below. Once a scent is sold out, that's it and you'll be able to buy it in the clear shot glass only at the regular price point.

Thank you for your loyalty, 
Founder of Whiskey & Woof


 No. 4 Confidante is a nonchalant Maple Bourbon -  seasonal, made sexy. Mixed with Sandalwood, this scented candle brings up fireside encounters, a warm drink in hand, with sparks flying.
Top: Maple Bourbon, Cinnamon, & Amber.
Middle: Bourbon, Butter, Orange & Neroli
Bottom notes: Cedar & Tonka

No. 6 Duchess-subtle, regal and inspired by the red wine Tiganello, a favorite amongst the royals. 

Top Notes: Merlot
Middle: Oud , Powder
Base: Dark Musk 

No. 12 Bon Vivant: Care for a Whiskey By The Fire? Get that outdoor woodsy scent to fill up your space and give you a warm buzz. 
Top: Bergamot, Lemon Peel & Cinnamon
Middle: Bourbon, Butter & Cypress
Base: Spruce, Vetiver, Dark Musk &  Cedar

No. 16 FiraThe orange of Mediterranean nights can be tasted in every blood orange. When combined with Italian fruit bergamot and juniper berries, the senses begin to relax. Available as a reed diffuser and roll-on fragrance.
Top: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Cypress & Ozone
Middle: Orange, Sweet Anise &  Jasmine
Base: Cedar, Incense & Fir

No.18 UpstatoBrisk air, a hint of wooded spices combines in lush aroma, bringing the best elevated outdoor scents for you to enjoy inside to transform "indoor days" to happy ones. *Top selling reed diffuser is also available. 
Top: Spice, Amaretto
Middle: Cedar, Patchouli, Tonka
Base: Rum, Sandalwood, Dark Musk, Oud

No. 20 Serenity NowEnglish lavender fields surrounded by woods.
Top: Ozone, Lemon, Cucumber

Middle:Lavender, Jasmine, Camphor
Base:Lavender, Juniper Berries, Sandalwood  

No. 22 Sophisticate is a carefully developed blend of twenty-two scents. Bourbon, Black Sea, Amber Noir and more to create the masculine leaning scented candle that is our signature and took the longest to perfect.
Top: Bourbon, Amber Noir, Sandalwood
Middle: Cedar, Whiskey, Jasmine
Base: Smoke, Dark Musk, Oak

No. 24 Gaston: This unexpected scent is worthy of inspiring romance and naturally, the male counterpart to the sweet ocean rose musk of Elle. Also available in reed diffuser.
Top: Rose, Saffron, Amber
Middle: Blood Orange, Neroli,  Plum
Base: Leather, Sandalwood, Dark Musk

No. 28 Rosie In Leather: Her mantra is manifesting growth in herself and others. Ballgowns and leather jackets- she makes any combination work with grace. She expects the best because she brings out the best in others, and always with a knowing smile. 
Top: Ozone & Saffron
Middle: Golden Rose & Incense 

Base: Powder, Leather, & Amber

No. 30 Reign: Spring Peonies lasting longer than the blooms. Now available as a reed diffuser and fragrance.  Available March- September
Top: Nectarine, Bergamot, Sea Salt
Middle: Pink Peony  Rose 
Base: Sandalwood, Bamboo, Tonka Bean

No. 60 Coquette draws you in like the flirt that she is and romances your senses. Lush decadence you won't forget. 
TOP: Pink Peppercorn, Galbanum, Plum
MIDDLE: Black Rose, Cumin, Fig
BASE: Amber, Orris, Labdanum

Whiskey & Woof is a trademarked company. All products are hand poured, cured for 2 weeks, phthalate free, vegan friendly and Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty Free. Made in Brooklyn. 

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