Bundles help you discover more good smells. They are created to encourage exploration of the line. A curation to help you discover more of our layered scented products. 

All of our blends have 4+ fragrances to create unique, hand poured scents that are cruelty free, vegan friendly and phthalate free. 


One Tall & One Small - 1 x votive, 1 x 9 oz candle

Fragrance Bundles - try our roll-on fragrances in a 3 pack with a mini candle bonus

Votives- the price per unit goes down the more you buy. 

Summer of Sex - Triple Packs with 10% off to help you explore the flirt- No. 60 Coquette (Dark Rose + Fig) & the makeout candle, No. 18 Upstato. Get manifesting. 

No. 9 Shimmer - all five colors of nail polish, save $5 & free shipping

No. 24 Gaston Trio: fragrance, bronze nail polish &  candle votive save $5